Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello Readers!

So in my other blog I talked about the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness, and how I loved Benedict Cumberbatch in it. That got me thinking about other British Actors that I love. I think most of my favourite actors are British. I think it's the accent. It excites me! I also tend to like British TV series and shows more than American ones. Two of my favourite shows are British, Doctor Who and Sherlock (if you haven't checked either out, I would strongly recommend that you do. While I love Cumberbatch and David Tennant will always hold a place in my heart (he was the 10th Doctor, the first Doctor I ever watched on Doctor Who--and a nice piece of man-candy with awesome hair). While I do love these two men, and other British Actors, everyone pales in comparison to my current obsession, TOM HIDDLESTON.

Who is Tom Hiddleston? you may ask. He's a British actor, obviously, who is probably best known for playing Loki in the Avengers's movies as well as the Thor series of movies. I'm a super superhero nerd, especially Marvel superheros, so of course this fact just adds to his awesomeness to me. (Side note, I have been intending to, and have finally, bought and started reading DeadPool comics, and am in love. He can't rival my love of Spiderman, but I do enjoy reading about the Merc with a mouth). I loved Loki's character when I read the Thor comics, as there is just something tragic about his character, and as mentioned before, I kinda have a thing for the villains. It was in this role that I was first introduced to Hiddleston (Hiddles, as his fans like to affectionately call him). Even playing a villain, with long, greasy hair, my heart was lost. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is about him, but there is something. After seeing him in that movie I was hungry for  more, so I started watching other movies and TV shows that he was in.

I absolutely love British actors for another reason, they act in movie productions of Shakespearean plays quite often. For example, David Tennant gives my favourite portrayal of Hamlet ever. Hiddles acted in the movie productions of King Henry IV part 1 and part 2. All together that is like 4 hours of Hiddleston screen time, so of course I'm going to watch it. A good friend of mine and fellow Hiddlestoner came over and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening watching Hiddles. Shakespeare and Hiddleston, what could be better?

Hiddles also acted in the TV series Wallander, which is a detective series, and is actually pretty good. Not the best show I've seen the BBC broadcast, but it was definitely interesting. Tom is not the main character in this show, but plays a lesser role and is sort of the "tech guy" in this show--kinda. The main character orders him around and doesn't appreciate him, which makes me angry and sad at the same time.

Hiddles was also in War Horse, for all of 10 minutes. I watched the movie till the end in hopes that his character would come back, but sadly he didn't. That 10 minutes was awesome though.

If you are a Hiddles fan, I'd recommend you watch the movie, Deep Blue Sea. It is a romance movie, in a sense, and you get to see Hiddles bum in it, bonus. If you aren't a fan, the movie won't do much for you.

Hiddlston has been in so much more, but I won't list everything. If interested that is what the internet is for. What is weird to me about this obsession, is that it is an obsession. I've never obsessed about anyone before. I've had my fair number of celebrity crushes, Ryan Gosling, Ben Kowalewicz, just to name a few, but I have never truly obsessed over them. I never go into super "fangirl" mode. But I do for Hiddles. My heart races when he is on screen and I can't stop smiling. I've watched so many interviews that he's done on youtube that the channel is contently giving me recommendations to other interviews. And the oddest thing is that I can't pinpoint what makes him so different from other people I've crushed on before. Maybe it is because he makes my nerd heart sing, which is rare for other celebrities to do, as he acts in movies that really appeal to that part of me.

Ohh well, that's my post for today. Nothing too interesting, just something I had to get off of my chest. My dream is to meet him someday, but I realistically know that that will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Do you have any celebrity obsession you will admit to? Let me know in the comments.


Ohh and here's a picture I found on facebook. It encapsulates two of my favourite things, Hiddles and Doctor Who. It's from the page "Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle"

It's Hiddles as the embodiment of the Doctor's Time Machine, the Tardis. Enjoy:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prince Charming.

Hello Readers. So going kind of off what I wrote about last week, and more off of what I wrote for my first post in my other blog, I decided to rant a little on Princes, specifically Disney princes and the ones that I like and the ones that I dislike.

So, on my other blog, I discussed the movie "Tangled". This is one of my favourite movies, mostly because the "prince" actually does something to help the princess achieve her goals, or to save her life. That one fact pretty much separates the Disney princes I love from those that I hate. Before I watched Tangled, my favourite Disney prince was undoubtedly the Prince from Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip. He fell in love with Aurora even before he knew that she was a princess, and he was willing to throw away his father's favour and the future arranged marriage that his family had set up, in order to be with her. I'm a sucker for romances like that. When the truth is discovered that Aurora is the princess, who had just been hidden away for her safety, it should have been happy. Instead, Aurora gets kidnapped, and the whole kingdom gets placed under a sleeping spell, with the exception of Philip. Philip then goes and saves Aurora, fighting through a field of thorns, and eventually getting captured, and after escaping (with some help from the fairy godmothers) challenges Maleficent who battles him in dragon form. It is only after this that he kisses Aurora and wakes her and breaks the spell that allows everyone else to wake up. This journey he takes, as well as his courage gives Philip top marks in my book. In comparison to Snow White's prince, who basically just stumbles upon her sleeping form and decides to kiss her...LAME!!

I know that the Disney version comes from the Grim Brother's fairy tales, which are dark and mostly twisted (I have a book of a few of their stories) and as much as I love the Grim tales, I much prefer the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, because the Prince remains courageous and brave, instead of a rapist....Anywho, so the Disney version is better.

I do like the darker version of the Little Mermaid, though. The idea that Ariel would give up her life and her voice to be with a guy, who then decides to leave her and marry someone else, is too rich and delicious to not enjoy. I know it is depressing, and in the end Ariel essentially kills herself, but I like it better than the Disney version, for an unknown reason.  I rarely like completely happy endings in things, so perhaps that is why.

Another Disney "Prince" that I have learned to love recently, is Aladdin. He actually does stuff to save Jasmine and protect her. Which pretty much gives him awesome points in my book. I didn't really watch Aladdin much as a kid, but as I was having this discussion (about Disney princes) with my roommate, she pointed out that Aladdin fit into my category. So I re-watched the movie and was happy to find that she was right. Now while he isn't my favourite, because I don't get that feeling of nostalgia when I watch his movie, he is a definite bad-ass, and deserves recognition. Flynn Rider reminds me of Aladdin in some ways, so of course I would have to love Aladdin a little bit.

So, for a recap, I love certain Disney Princes such as Philip or Aladdin, or Flynn Rider, because they assist their princesses in different ways, and go through different trials in order to save them, which is romantic and shows that they actually have feelings for those girls, as no one with a simple infatuation would risk their lives for a girl. Instead of stupid Princes like Erik or Snow White's prince (i don't even know his name, nor do I care to) who just take the easy way out and don't have to truly fight for their love. I admire courage and bravery and stubbornness in men, and perhaps that is why I love these characters so.

Who is your favourite Disney prince? Or favourite Disney character in general?


Ohh and here's a link to my post on Tangled: